The UZE HYPES are unique Digital Assets generated by They are incorruptible, unreplicable and certified on the blockchain. You will also be able to trade them one day. Once you collect your HYPE, you will be a certified UZE Ambassador and your benefits will be kept safe here - for ever.

  • 1. Meet & Greet

    1:1 30-minute call with the founder of KANE WATCHES and enter into an exclusive WhatsApp group.

  • 2. Lifetime 20% Discount

    Reward Token holders will have a 20% discount applied to any order placed on KANE website.

  • 3. Free Standard Shipping

    Reward token holders have free standard shipping applied to any order placed on KANE website.

  • 4. Special Bonuses

    Reward token holders will be able to access pre-release products, and Black Friday’s special offers as free watch stands, or discounts on straps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the HYPES?

HYPES are unique digital assets, often referred to as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), that represent exclusive access or ownership in the world of brands, music and entertainment. In the context of Hypeal, HYPES serve as reward tokens linked to communities - whether they are startups, ideas, artists and more.

These tokens are built on blockchain technology, specifically on the Polygon network, a high-performance and low-cost blockchain. Each hype token is one-of-a-kind, making it a rare and valuable digital collectible.

Hypeal mints hypes for renowned startups, artists, musicians, and influencers, allowing them to offer exclusive benefits to their fans and supporters. These benefits can range from VIP access to live shows and events, special merchandise, behind-the-scenes content, or even personalized interactions with the artist.

By owning HYPES, fans not only get to enjoy unique experiences but also support their favorite creators directly. It's a new way for artists to connect with their audience and for fans to show their appreciation in a tangible and exciting manner. Hypes are a bridge between the digital and real worlds, creating a deeper bond between creators and their community.

How can I access my HYPES?

All you will have to do is to purchase the HYPES the day it becomes available, and you will automatically be a HYPES owner. 

How can I pay for my HYPES?

Super simple, a PayPal account or Credit Card will do the job. You can also pay with your virtual wallet if you'd like.

How will I access my benefits?

We'll send you separately an email with this information upon purchase. Most of the benefits will be automatically applied upon purchase.

When will I access my benefits?

You are a HYPES owner and can access your benefits since the moment you purchase your first HYPES.

Can HYPES be traded?

We are planning to make HYPES tradable on the Hypeal platform, with trading expected to start from Spring 2024.

Is this related with Crypto Currencies?

It's not, except that - if you'd like - you can purchase HYPES with your virtual wallet. HYPEAL is a platform that bridges Web3 with the real world: anything you purchase here, has actual value connected to the perks that gives you access to.

Can I pay my HYPES in crypto?

Not for now: we are aiming at making HYPEAL as friendly as possible for all the people who are not into Web3.

Further questions?

Here you can find our terms of sales.