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What is Hypeal?

Hypeal is not just a platform; it's a community-driven ecosystem that connects startups with their communities. Imagine a world where startups can secure funding from their supporters without giving up equity. That's precisely what we're building!


What Are "Hypes" Reward Tokens?

"Hypes" are the native tokens of the Hypeal platform. They serve as a bridge between startups and their communities, offering unique rewards and benefits. By getting in at the super early bird pricing, you'll not only have a stake in our platform's success but also access valuable rewards and benefits exclusive to early supporters.


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  • Platform Updates: Learn about our latest developments and enhancements as we build a robust ecosystem for startups and investors.
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  • Startup Spotlights: Discover the exciting projects and startups joining the Hypeal community.
  • Community Events: Be the first to know about webinars, AMAs, and other events where you can engage with fellow Hypeal enthusiasts.
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    About the team

    Powered by a team that has successfully exited a business, raised more than $5M with crowdfunding, and created and developed software products with millions of users.

    • Marco Fazio, Forbes 30 under 30 | 1 Exit | Former adidas Senior Manager
    • Andrea Baldereschi, $9M raised | Kickstarter Expert
    • Akshay Gupta, Standford MSc | Blockchain expert, CTO Viak


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    Best regards, Marco Fazio, CEO of hypeal.com


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